21 Pole Seat Moves – Which is Your Favourite?

There are so many amazing pole seat moves out there, so I want to share some of my favourites with you. Some of these are relatively beginner pole dance moves, while others are more intermediate. For some of these pole dance moves you can go into them from a ‘basic seat’ where as others like a side seat or martini seat need to be tried from a different position on the pole.

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Training In The Heat

Our bodies are all different – some of us love the hot weather and some of us love to pole when it’s colder.

I love the hot weather – and not just to pole in!

When it’s warmer I have so much body grip that it makes those pesky ‘holding on just with skin’ moves much easier… still painful, but much easier. My hands slide a little bit but it has to be super warm for me to feel like it’s too slidey to reverse grab – in the UK those kinds of days don’t come around too often.

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