Training In The Heat

Our bodies are all different – some of us love the hot weather and some of us love to pole when it’s colder.

I love the hot weather – and not just to pole in!

When it’s warmer I have so much body grip that it makes those pesky ‘holding on just with skin’ moves much easier… still painful, but much easier. My hands slide a little bit but it has to be super warm for me to feel like it’s too slidey to reverse grab – in the UK those kinds of days don’t come around too often.

Other people find training in the heat just too much. If you thrive in the winter months, pole in the heat is going to be harder but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot out of a training session in the summer.

Training In The Heat

Keep your body happy

For me, this means hydration! Keep that water coming. Your body will be much happier, you will be able to train for longer and you won’t get those annoying heat headaches.

Prepare for the weather

When I know it’s going to be hot I very specifically plan the moves I’m going to train or teach.

I love leg grips and evil armpit grips. I also love trying any flexibility move when you know you have to be up there, wiggling around for a while.

I abandon moves that I know I need lots of hand grip for – namely reverse grabs or spins with tricky hand switches. I change our routines to be more body grip based too.

Don’t worry if you need to abandon a move

I often try moves that I think I’ll have enough grip for but realise that I don’t and it get dangerous to try, so I give up on that move.

It’s always, always much better to keep yourself safe!

Check your social media

Likely hood is that you’ll know loads of polers in your area or even country. When it’s super hot in the UK I check my Instagram for inspiration because I know that there will be so many polers who train in the heat, so there’s many sources of inspiration out there!

Cross train

When it gets warm I love to train flexibility. I get so much further in all of my sessions.

I sometimes find it much more beneficial to train say flexibility or handstands than pole – there’ll be plenty of not so warm days to pole in, so switch it up!

What are your favourite pole moves to try in the summer? Do you get more slidey or grippy? 😀

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    1. Hi Tracey! Thank you so much 😀 I tried a few ways to get into this but I think the most successful attempt was from a side climb. I hope that helps 😀

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