Master Your Shoulder Mount: 3 Essential Pole Dance Tips

I love a shoulder mount!

In fact, it’s one of my favourite pole dance moves…

When you have a strong shoulder mount, a whole new world of pole moves and combos are open to you!

Here are three of my favourite tips to help you get your shoulder mount:

1. Keep Your Shoulder on The Pole!

Sometimes you’ll find that as you lift your legs, your shoulder will want to come off the pole too.

I find that if you think about squeezing your elbows towards each other, and try to pull with your arms so hard that it’s almost like you’re going to throw the pole across the room(!), you’ll be able to maintain better and more consistent contact between your shoulder and the pole.

2. Exercises to Improve Your Shoulder Mount

There are a number of exercises you can use to break down the movements of a shoulder mount, even before you can do the move in full!

Here’s a video showing lots of different shoulder mount prep exercises for you to try!

3. Maintain a Tucked Position for Longer!

One of the common reasons why people struggle to get their shoulder mount is that they straighten their legs too soon. This causes their hips to drop prematurely before they complete the shoulder mount movement.

If you stay in a small ball / tucked position until your hips are high enough, then you’ll be able to extend your legs into a straddle position without dropping out of your shoulder mount.

I hope these tips help you get your shoulder mount on the pole! Good luck 🙂

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