Master Your Brass Monkey: 3 Essential Pole Dance Tips

How to Get Your Brass Monkey on the Pole

Today I’m going to share 3 pole dance tips with you that will help you get your Brass Monkey on the pole.

In the video above, I use a Shoulder Mount to get into my Brass Monkey. However, you can use the following tips for any entry into a Brass Monkey that you wish to try (here are some more options to try!).

If you’re not quite ready for your Brass Monkey and are currently working on being able to get upside down, check out the 12 Step Invert Plan available to our members on PoleFreaks Studio.

Here are three simple tips you can use to get your Brass Monkey:

1. Focus on Your Inside Leg Hook

Make sure you feel secure in with your inside leg (the leg closest to the pole) hooking the pole and making contact from the inside of your knee, up the inside of your thigh to your hips.

Use your hamstrings to pull your foot towards your butt, bending at the knee. This will keep you securely hooked onto the pole with a strong grip.

2. Keep Your Inside Arm Clear of The Pole

As you get into the Brass Monkey position, keep your inside armpit (the arm nearest the pole) away from of the pole.

The more you use the inside arm to grip onto the pole, the less likely you are to want to take it off in your Brass Monkey position.

Remember… Your grip should come from your inner thigh on the pole. Not your armpit.

3. Know Exactly How You’re Going to Get Out of the Brass Monkey

As with many pole dance moves, once you know how you’re going to come out of your Brass Monkey, you’ll be so much more confident in trying it!

If you’re not sure then try coming out of your Brass Monkey in a flag grip.

Good luck with training the Brass Monkey pole dance move.

I hope you find these pole dance tips helpful!

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