About PoleFreaks


I started PoleFreaks with the aim of bringing the pole dance community together in sharing training tips and celebrating our achievements on the pole.

When I started pole dancing back in 2009, I found that there wasn’t a great deal of information available to help pole dancers. So, when I became more experienced on the pole, I decided to start writing a blog to accompany my pole dance classes.

My aim was and still is, to help those who want to learn more about pole dancing!

Here on the blog, I’ll be writing and sharing videos about everything pole related, from strength training, nutrition and health to more specific advice to help you master whatever pole moves you’re working on!

In addition to being a pole dance instructor, I’m also a fully qualified personal trainer. I also have a masters degree in classical theatre!

I’ll also be sharing the occasional more personal article to share my own journey and achievements.

Much pole love,

Holly x

P.S. Are you on Instagram? If so, come and say hi. I’m @PoleFreaks 😉