Lowering Your Front Lever

I’ve been working on my front levers for quite a while now but have only just got to a point where I feel more confident with it and can lower further. I can’t quite get as flat as I want to but I’m sure I’ll get there with more practice!

I’m working on my front level with every grip – normal split, cup, twisted and elbow. At the moment I am stronger with my twisted grip and have used these pictures to show examples.

Although my version is not yet perfect, here is how I managed to get stronger and further with it.

The How To Part

  • Invert on the pole
  • Place your hands on the pole in whichever grip you want to work on.
  • Take both legs off the pole slowly to avoid dropping down. When first learning keep one leg straight and one leg bent.
  • Push into the pole with your bottom hand and really pull with your top hand.


  • Try to keep your hips to the ceiling.
  • Make sure you actively pull / push on the pole with your hands.
  • Use your core to help stabilize your body.
  • Really use your leg muscles – keep them strong with toes pointed.

 My Trick

I have been working on lowering my legs until I get flat and it was only recently that I realised how to make it easier for myself!

These pictures were both taken on the same day. In the left hand picture I was trying to lower my legs by lowering my whole body as one unit – torso, hips and legs. I could only get so far before I couldn’t hold my weight any more and fell to the floor. The picture on the right was taken about 5 mins after. This time I lowered myself as before, as long as I could holding my body out. At this point I then actively pushed my straight leg towards to floor leading with the foot. This meant that my torso for the most part stayed where it was, and therefore didn’t put anymore pressure on my arms or hands. As you can see, I managed to lower myself a lot more this way. As I pushed my leg down towards the ground it also started to lower my hips making my body look straighter as well.

What Next?

From this point it’s a case of getting stronger with more practice until I can lower further and hold. I then aim to get both legs out straight. I’ll let you know of any new tips I find along the way to get even further.

Let me know if you have any tips of your own.

Good luck 😀

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