Master Your Straddle: 3 Essential Pole Dance Tips

How to Invert into a Straddle on The Pole

Today I want to share three tips with you, each of which will help you get your Straddle.

This pole move has various different names including Straddle, Chopper, V-Invert… and probably some others I haven’t come across!

Before you try this pole move, make sure you already have a strong invert from the floor and are comfortable upside down on the pole.

If you are working on being able to get upside down, check out the 12 Step Invert Plan available to our members on PoleFreaks Studio.

Here are three simple tips you can use to get your Straddle:

1. Strength Exercises to Help You Straddle

Be sure to practice pole conditioning exercises such as knee tucks, knees-to-chest, and knees-to-shoulders, multiple times each week.

Here are some ideas you might want to try:

These exercises will help you get your straddle, but also help you develop a stronger invert on the pole in general.

2. Keep Your Hips High

As you lean back from your knee tuck (or ball) position, make sure you keep your hips as high as you can!

If you straighten your legs while your hips are lower than your shoulders, you will find yourself unable to finish the move, as your feet drop to the ground.

Instead, get your hips nice and high, and straighten your legs a little later!

3. Push Down with Your Feet

Once you’re in your straddle (or chopper / v-invert) position, push your feet down towards the floor.

This will help keep your knees straight and help you maintain your straddle position on the pole.

Whether you call this pole dance move a Straddle, V-Invert, or a Chopper, I’m sure these simple tips will help you feel stronger as you practice the move.

Good luck!

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