Aerial Invert (Pole Sit to Basic Invert)

Climb the pole to a pole sit. Place your strong, inside hand on the pole in front of you at shoulder height and place your weaker hand across your body and onto the pole above it. Make sure you have a strong grip on the pole with both hands. Take your legs off of the pole and to one side – making sure your inside leg is your strong leg. Use your hand grip to pull up and then tip your body backwards. Stretch your legs up and hook over the pole as you would for a normal invert on the pole. Grip on the pole with your legs and take your hands off.

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. It makes me mad how easily they can climb when my legs just slide right off the pole and will not stick and I am really irritated because they used to stick now suddenly they don’t, I clean my pole and I always make sure my skin is dry. But it slips right off. I can’t hold the pole with my leg or thigh at all anymore

    1. I’m no expert, I’ve only been doing pole dancing 8 months and can only do a few tricks. However I’ve recently bought a second hand pole and it was soooo slippy. I inverted and I was on the floor within 3 seconds it was that slippy. I tried washing it with washing up liquid, talc (big mistake), hairspray which sort of helped, salad vingar….and nothing. I then bought some regular vinegar and its fab! My pole is much stickier now and I can invert without sliding, obviously I do a bit as you sweat but I can hold on for 30ish seconds which is more ten times longer.
      Make sure your pole is warm and you are warm as heat helps, also invest in some chalk or dry hands stuff xx

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