Shoulder Mount Prep Exercises


I love a shoulder mount. I used to hate them, and was a little scared and frustrated by them, but now they are mine, I love them.

There are so many great ways to start training your shoulder mount. This video has beginner, intermediate and advanced options – so hopefully something for everyone!

Even if you can already shoulder mount, these exercises are really great for getting you even stronger.

Below is our list of exercises, so you can screen shot and try when you have time 😀

I would pick 3-4 exercises and try 3-5 times on each side. Shoulder mounts can be hard on the shoulder, so take it slow at first!

Remember to only try exercises that you’re ready for and use a mat and spotter if / when necessary.


  • Lift and hold using core
  • Lift with control – no kicking
  • Lift with control, hold – then lift bottom foot slightly
  • Knee tucks from floor


  • Lift with core through hips – hangman
  • Lift one leg, then both to a tuck then lower – hangman variation
  • Cartwheel
  • Full knee tuck


  • Tuck dismount
  • One leg straight dismount
  • Straddle dismount
  • Climb to hangman
  • Climb to hangman – one leg straight
  • Climb to a knee tuck
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