10 Tips for Building Stronger Handstands

For me 2016 is the year of the handstands… and over splits, back bends and general foot to head situations, but let’s focus on the handstands 🙂

I’ve always thought that I was quite good at handstands – in the same was as I think I’m flexible… until I entered the pole world.

I used to think that if I get stronger in general, and try say 5 handstands every so often, maybe even 10 on a good day, then I will magically be good at handstands.

Sorry but this is not the case.

Repetition Is Key

My partner and I have set ourselves some new challenges – 100 squats a day, 3 sets of 10 pull ups, 500 skips, and 100 handstands. The main one we are doing everyday is the squats and our other challenges creep in whenever we have time.

Please note: I do not recommend doing 100 handstands a day. This can result in shoulder injuries and falling on your head! (I have also been doing handstands for many, many years, deadlift handstands on the pole in each pole session, and specific handstand training in the circus so it in not new to me).

Anyway, what I do notice having done a good amount of handstands for about 7 days now, is that my handstands are super strong. I can feel when I go into them whether I have good technique or not.

I alternate between using a wall to help me get my technique right and free standing to help me control my lift.

I find that the more I do, the more I get into the right position, and can hold it for longer.

Handstand Tips

I am far from nailing my freestanding deadlift handstand, but here are some things I think about while I train:

  • Push in to the floor with your fingers
  • Push through your shoulders
  • Try to keep your body in line (Hands, shoulders and hips – filming can really help here)
  • Point your toes and squeeze your legs together
  • Engage and use your core
  • Always aim to land softly
  • Look at the floor (depends exactly what you want to do with your handstand, but looking at the floor works for me)
  • Keep breathing
  • Take a break. You will get light headed after a few so take it nice and slowly. If anything hurts, stop.
  • Train safe!

The more frequently you practice your handstands, the better they will get. Each day I find that I’m doing my ‘best handstand ever’ and usually have to tell people about it!

Start slowly and aim for good technique rather than high numbers. Start with 5 handstands with good technique. Good luck 😀

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Thank you so much for this info yours is the most informative short read I’ve found so far. I’ve been looking to purchase a begginers pole for in home use but I sadly don’t want to spend 300$ and feel so overwhelmed with the selection /choices, I was hoping you could give feedback or recommend one for a starter ?
    Thank you!

    1. Try looking on Kijiji or amazon, or find a gym where they offer pole classes. Sometimes gyms replace older equipment and you could buy one for cheaper. Also taking classes at a gym they use various poles both in thickness and spin/static. Trying the different poles can help you decide what you would be willing to spend on. Good luck and happy dancing!

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