12 Pole Moves from a Shoulder Mount


I love to train my Shoulder Mount!

When I look back, I remember it being a move that took me a little while to get, but now it feels strong and has opened-up a world of cool moves and combos.

In this video I wanted to show you twelve of my favourite pole moves from a shoulder mount. There are of course so many more, but here are a good few to start with 🙂

  1. Shoulder Mount to Trap Split
  2. Shoulder Mount Flip
  3. Shoulder Mount Flip to Seat
  4. Shoulder Mount Elbow Hold
  5. Shoulder Mount to Brass Monkey
  6. Shoulder Mount to Inverted Moon Beam
  7. Shoulder Mount Walk Down
  8. Shoulder Mount Walk Down (cross-over hands)
  9. Shoulder Mount Pop to Trap Split
  10. Shoulder Mount to Straddle
  11. Shoulder Mount Plank
  12. Shoulder Mount to Pegasus Variation

If you’re currently working on getting your shoulder mount, you could try the tutorial and shoulder mount prep exercises in this playlist: Master Your Shoulder Mount [Video Playlist]

Please do let me know in the comments which of these combos is your favourite, and of course if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Much pole love!

Good luck x

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