Christmas Pole Games – 2017

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year – you get to dress up, party as much as you want, and of course see your family and friends. Our pole studio is now decorated and it feels like Christmas is on it’s way. And what else do you do at Christmas? Well, play games of course!

So here’s a few little games that you can play at your studio – I may have even thrown in some sneaky strength training too 😉

Best Costume

Okay so this might not strictly be a ‘game’ but the first thing you can do is of course dress up! You can have a prize for the best costume – or perhaps the prize is not having to do burpees! 😀

Get The Hat!

We have stage poles so we are able to put things on top of the pole… like Santa hats!

Depending on what level you are at, you can play different games. Here’s a couple to get you started:

1.) Climbing. Put everyone into teams of two or three. The first person climbs the pole, puts the hat on and climbs down. The second person climbs up wearing hat and puts it back on the pole and climbs down again. You can have a set amount of climbs to do – and the first team wins!

2.) Climb overs. For this you all want to work in one big team – you may have to do some maths to figure this one out! You want everyone to have a pole with one person left over ie 5 poles, 6 people – you can play this in rounds if you have a lot more people than poles!

The first 5 people do climb overs to get to the top of the pole – usually two climb overs will get you there. At the top, they go into a seat and put the hat on. With straight legs, they lower down the pole, squeeze the legs back on, walk the hands down and continue until they are at the bottom. At the bottom, they climb back up and put the hat back on the top. The person who comes down first tags in the person who isn’t on a pole. That person then starts with their climb overs. The next person to finish tags the person waiting who then goes again.. and on it goes! This one may not sound too bad, but it is super exhausting! We aimed to get to 6 times up the pole each and it was tough! (Well, not for me as I was only watching – but they all did it really well 😀 )

You can choose your own moves to suit each level.

Snow On The Floor!

Okay, so this one probably works better if you think of lava rather than snow, but I’m trying to make it festive!

This one is simple – pick a pose or a hold. Imagine the floor is snow (or lava!) and you can’t touch the floor. The person to hold the pose the longest wins!

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

This one is best to play with people who know each – or I guess they’ll get to know each other well after this one! 😀

So someone starts on the base of the pole. The next person climbs above and gets as close as they can on the pole. The next person has to climb over them both to get above – keep going up you reach the top or can not fit any more people on the pole!

The more inventive the moves are, the easier it will be for everyone to climb…usually! 😀

Santa’s Hat

So you might have seen this one before. The idea is that you put on a santa hat, and oven mitts, and try to unwrap a present (or a wrapped box within a box etc until you get to a present!) At the same time the person next to you rolls two dice until they get a double. When they do, everything gets passed to the left – mitts, hat and present. The game keeps going until someone gets to the present!

This one can be played off the pole (of course!) but if you want to adapt it to the pole, I would suggest the person on the pole puts on the hat and either climbs the pole or goes into a seat. Their partner passes them the mitts and the present. When their turn is over, the partners switch places so the other person is on the pole when the present comes around again.

So Many Fun Games!

So there are so many cool, fun and silly games you can play – musical pole statues, christmas mannequin challenge, sleeping polers and much more! Here’s our list of games from last year incase you want even more!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 😀 Xx

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