Pole Moves From A Butterfly


There are so many cool pole moves that can be done from a Butterfly – and here are just a few of them.

Once you have the initial hooks – e.g. outside leg or inside leg hang etc, you can then get into so many other cool pole moves.

Below is our list of pole moves that you can get into from a Butterfly. Let me know which one is your favourite and if you have any to add to the list – I know there are tons more 😀

Pole Moves:

  • Butterfly
  • Flatline Scorpio
  • Spinning Flatline Scorpio
  • Apprentice
  • Hero
  • Flatline
  • Outside Leg Hang
  • V Invert
  • Extended Butterfly – D – Ayesha
  • Poisson
  • Bent Leg Butterfly
  • Bent Leg Butterfly – Mantis
  • Sneaky V
  • Hook to Flatline Scorpio
  • Cupid / Sailor
  • Goddess
  • Shoulder Mount

I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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