Pole Ban for Pole Mojo?

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Pole Ban for Pole Mojo?

Some of you may already know that I struggle with pole mojo from time to time. Now I’m not talking about one day where I just can’t be bothered to pole – I’m talking about weeks on end where I just don’t want to.

I find that when I have to pole rather than wanting to pole, that’s when my motivation can start to fade. If I have to train to find new moves to teach, or if I’m training for a competition, performance, photoshoot etc, I feel more pressure. Of course, I really want to do all of these things, but sometimes feeling like I have to pole, can make it harder to want to.

I’m currently in a place where I desperately want to pole and try new things. I think it’s because I just haven’t had time to train new moves recently that I now just really want to.

Ban Yourself From Pole

Over the last few weeks, my pole training has been pretty random. I’ve been training for two competitions which is really exciting, but I’ve lost my way a bit with training other moves.

Leading up to competition time, I’ve found that the more I have to practice my routine, the more I want to practice other moves. Don’t get me wrong, I love my routine but I want more!

To feel like this is so refreshing. I often struggle to want to try new things, or to have the time to, so feeling desperate to pole is amazing.

I pretty much always want what I can’t have (and being a grown up now, I can be more realistic!) so it occurred to me that if I force myself not to pole, I’ll hopefully really want to.

I know this logic might seems a bit backwards, but if you’re struggling to get motivated – why not give it a go?

Complete Ban

So when you start to feel the motivation and desire to pole go, why not have a complete ban? Put a time limit on it – try a week to start. Tell yourself that you’re not allowed to pole not matter how much you want to. This includes having a spin when you walk past it, or showing off on a lamppost. Of course you can pick your timings – classes are often paid for in advance so perhaps try and fit your breaks around classes!

You can of course watch other people pole, and get inspired on social media too. Why not also build up a little album of moves that you want to try when you’re back to it?

I think that if you’re not feeling pole, then your body and mind might need a little rest from it.

I’ll be so happy if giving myself a little pole ban is the answer to my failing mojo.

If you try this mini pole ban, let me know how it goes – did it work for you? I’m up for trying suggestions any of you have to get that mojo back too 😀

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