How To Get Through Training Sessions

My approach to pole training is probably somewhat different to most people – I say ‘probably’ as I always take a cup of tea (and lots of water) up to the pole room with me. 🙂

I have a few habits that help me get through even the most painful training sessions.

Some are probably more normal than others, but hopefully you’ll get something new out of this 😀

How I Train

Well, the first thing that happens, is that I turn off all the lights apart from one little lamp – otherwise it’d be far too dangerous! 😉

There’s something I love about pretty much poling in the dark. It makes me feel free, like I can conquer anything. I also don’t feel like I’m being watched by neighbours or passers by, which certainly makes me feel like I can try out more things.

The second thing is hydration! For me this is super important. I like to keep my pole room warm in the winter, but end up opening both windows as I get far too hot. I take a tea, a pint of water and usually have two water bottles hanging around. I generally get half way through my session when I’ve finished all of these, so I go and say hello to the puppy while I get another round of drinks.

Once I’m warm I like to wear as little as possible. I’m still in pole clothes, but the tiny pole clothes that I wouldn’t wear to teach a class. This helps me to unleash my ‘sexy side.’ It also gives me more bare skin and therefore more grip.

I plan my training quite well. I know in advance if I’m training for a competition, a routine for class, new moves for me or old moves for class. I’ll usually have a move I really want to work on or try as my treat for working on something that is more painful or exhausting than I perhaps want it to be.

I always do every move 5 times on each side. If I’m not ready to try the same move on both sides, I train a regression.

I always deadlift into everything I can, and work on moves as if I am performing them.

I hide my phone (or at least turn it upside down) to minimise distraction. I usually set an alarm (or plan to finish pole when my partner comes home) so I know when I can have a break. I try to do an hour of static pole and an hour of spinny pole, but that really depends on what moves I’m working on and how much time I have available.

I always have pole books and bookmarked pages on my laptop nearby for when I get worn out. I’ll have a rest when I need to while I look through pole moves and see if there’s any I want to try.

There are also the obvious things about staying safe – warm up and cool down, have a spotter and mat etc.

These are just some of the ways I get through the harder training sessions. I hope it helps! 😀

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