Have A Go To Move!

I love a go-to move. It’s that move you know that you can 100% do every single time you try. When you are frustrated, tired or have no idea what to do on the pole, you can call upon your go-to move and bring poling alive.

When we freestyle on the pole, having a go-to move always ensures that you don’t freeze up and just stop. Even if you do your favourite move over and over, you know you could pole for hours.

It helps to gives you confidence knowing that a move is yours! You can even have a go-to spin, type of climb, seated postition, or invert… or even all of the above together 😀

Your Go To Move

So hopefully you already know what your go-to move is, as you probably do it over and over again. Mine is a reverse grab to a chair then back hook. It used to just be a chair, but times have changed!

If you’re not sure, stick on some music and pole around. The likely hood is that you come away thinking that it was awesome, and you did a certain move at least 5 times. That’s your move.

If you’re not at a free styling level just yet, have a think about the moves that you can do. Which one is your favourite? Is there a move that you really don’t ever have to think about? You know it’s your go-to move when you can just get on the pole and do that move.

Do We Want One?

Of course! 😀

Our go-to move will be one that suits our body perfectly. You may have had to work hard to nail it, but it now suits you like you were born to do it.

It’s nice knowing that no matter what, you have a move you were born to do! Others will want to do it just like you do.

Once you have it, you can add on and on. My go-to invert was a Butterfly. Now it’s a V Invert to Blade to Butterfly to Flatline Scorpio to Allegra to Scorpio. Phew. I know I can do this combo over and over, and on both sides as well. It’s great to have something like this that you can rely on, as you never know when someone is going to ask you to show them something. Confidence is everything. Even if it’s a super easy spin – who’s to know, as long as you make it look awesome!

Have a play around and let us know what your go-to move is! 😀

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