My First Day Back Training

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My First Day Back Training

So I’m sure there’s a lot of us here who have had a long old break from pole over Christmas, whether we wanted to or not.

Leading up to Christmas I had lots of work and exams, but managed to get my butt to the gym for two weeks before Christmas. Then over the holidays I did nothing. Literally nothing.

I barely left the house – I even took off my Fitbit as it wasn’t even worth attempting it. The one thing I did do? Eat.

Oh, and it was good! 😀

Get Back To Training

The break was just long enough for me to feel like I’d had enough time for my body and mind to rest – but not lose any considerable strength. Oddly I actually found the ‘get up and go’ attitude that I’d been missing for so long.

I think for me it was the week of sheer gluttony that was oh so good, that made me want to get back on the pole.

It’s always worrying coming back after a break. I know we all worry that we’ve lost all of our strength, and forgotten most of our moves, but it’s really not like that. (Okay, so maybe if you’ve had a break for a long time, or stopped due to injury, or are having a baby then it’s more of a struggle).

A week or two though, isn’t so bad.

My First Session

I was raring to go for my first session when I realised I was not very well (I thought I was allergic to my parents cat… I’m not – it’s something else unknown!), so I had to put back my training.

But finally my training day rolled around, woo hoo!

I decided to practice moves that I already knew, rather than trying new tricks. I always find that for the first week back after a break, I’m not as strong, but it quickly comes back.

Don’t worry though – I’ve not lost a move from having a little break, it’s just that somethings feel a little harder.

I worked a lot on strength moves and deadlifting. I then got a bit too excited and tried some new moves out – I’m also playing with aerial hoop a lot now, and the pain suddenly came screaming back to me.

All in all, the first session back went better than I thought it would. I was stronger than I thought (although I felt heavier to lift!), and I really enjoyed training.

I’m so happy that I finally feel like I’m ready to get back on the pole. It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to train, so I’m just so glad that I am.

Just Do It 😀

Your first session back will never be as bad or a tough as you think. It’s so great to get back on the pole and remind yourself of all the cool and crazy things you can do.

Best of all, I usually find that having a proper break does wonders for my body and allows me to get stronger and more flexible when I come back.

So what are you waiting for? Get back on that pole 😀

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