A Well Earned Pole Break

As it’s Christmas Eve now, I would imagine that most pole schools have shut their doors for the festive season.

Some will open in a few days time, but I would imagine that most will open again in the New Year.

I know that my students see our two weeks off as such a long time to be away from pole – and so do I! But it’s so important to take a break and rest up. So here I am saying that you should embrace this rest time – you deserve it!

And Chill!

As much as I love pole, I also love those times when I’m allowed to have a rest, and not feel bad about it. Christmas is definitely one of those times.

As I close the studio for Christmas, I finish all of the last minute studio chores and get ready to moisturise. That’s right – I said moisturise! I have so many bottles hidden under the bed, and they only come out for special occasions.

One great thing about not poling is being able to hydrate your skin as much as you want! My hands are currently not looking loved due to the bad weather, and so the hand cream comes out too.

I usually live in (and love) my pole clothes so much, that I barely wear anything but pole gear and leggings. So now it’s time to get out all of the fancy clothes that don’t belong in the gym.

So basically… when I’m not on the pole, I dress like a well functioning human being 😉

Let The Body Rest

It’s so important to give the body a break and give it time to rest up. I find that whenever I do have a rest, I always come back stronger than ever.

Of course the first session back is always the hardest and I think ‘what have I done, I’ve lost all of my moves’ but of course I’m just being silly. Once you get back on the pole you realise that you’ve (hopefully) come back stronger and happier now that you’ve had a break.

I think it’s also important to give the mind a rest. There are so many moves that are swimming around my head, that I just need to step away from them. This is also usually when I have break through moments.

A Little Bit More

I do find it hard to sit still when I’m used to being so active, so I will be keeping up the fitness in a little way – planks, push ups, maybe a run or two. I’ve also got Sarah Scott’s Core Essentials Programme and Charlotte Robertson’s Handstand Programme to work on, so I’ll keep myself busy 😀

Pole When You Want

If you want (or have) to take a break, then I say – embrace it. If not, pole away! Enjoying drinking, eating, partying and being merry… And poling if you are!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Merry Christmas 😀 Xx

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