Christmas Pole Games

So every year I tell myself that I need to write down these fun party games, and every year I forget. I say forget… I plan to write it and publish it on Christmas day, until I realise that it’s unlikely groups of polers will be poling on Christmas day!

So while it’s a little later than planned, here are some fun ideas for Christmas Pole Games.

Most of these can be adapted to suit different levels and can be made non-Christmassy if you want to play them throughout the year.

So crank up the Christmas tunes and let’s get on the pole 😀

Points Game

This one is an old drama game we used to play – it certainly gets you close to other polers, which is perfect for trusting them! So this one is based on the number of points of contact you have either on the pole or on the floor.

So, everyone walks (or poles) around the room, and the games master calls out a number for the group size – i.e. 2 people. They then shout the number of points of contact and whether it is on the pole or the floor. For example – 3 points on the floor. Everyone then has to get into groups of 2 as quickly as they can with only 3 points of contact on the floor i.e. one on their knees and one on their butts (2 for knees, 1 for butt 😉 )

On the pole this could be one in a plank (thigh grip = 1 and bottom hand = 1) and a cross knee release (1 point).

When you add in the pole element you can add in elements to suit your level instead of points of contact i.e. one seat and one inverted move.

The idea is to get into these moves as quickly as possible and the winners get one point. It’s up to you what the score go up to!


Santa Hat Climbs

Some say strength conditioning, others say game 😀

This works well on stages but you can also tie a band around the pole if you have a floor to ceiling pole. Place santa or elf hats at the top of the poles. You have to climb the pole and then take and wear the hat as you climb down, climb to the next pole which is now hatless and put your hat on top of the pole.

You can do this in teams taking terms if you don’t have a matching amount of people per pole.

You can mix up the climbs too – basic climb, side climb, shin climb, side climb over.

If multiple climbs is too much, you can tape sweets to the ceiling and those that can reach, can have them… and then share them of course!

Christmas Mannequin Challenge

One of the classes I teach took part in the mannequin challenge recently. I loved it and wanted to take it to the next level, but the time had passed! So this Christmassy version is to christmas music (of course!) and preferably in a Christmas costume or jumper.

The mannequin challenge is the same – everyone is holding a pose pretending to be a mannequin as someone goes around filming it. This time, once the camera has filmed and passed you, you have to get into a different pose for when the camera comes round again. This could go on and on 😀

I’ve not actually tried this yet but it should work! I’d love to see videos if you do try 😀

Drinking Games!!

Okay so I may have misled you there! I do not condone drinking while poling (I’m not even being sarcastic!)

But the idea is the same 😀

You put on a Christmas song and people freestyle. You choose a word that features often in the song i.e. Christmas, Santa, Snow, Frosty etc and every time that word is heard, the polers do something of your choosing. In the drinking game version, of course you drink. In the pole game you need to decide before hand whether people have to climb or spin or Butterfly when that word comes up. This will be exhausting, so be nice 😀

Pole Pixies

This one works well in smaller groups. All but one person gets on the pole in a pose. The person not on a pole has to go to the first pole and try to take over that pole. This means that they have to find a way of getting on the pole, either above or below the other person. Once that person is securely on the pole, the poler originally on the pole moves to the next and ‘takes it’.

While you’re waiting to switch poles you can rest from your move i.e. if it is a Butterfly, but you must stay on the pole.

Card Combos

For this you need a deck of cards. Chose a move for each card Ace through to King prior to playing. Someone shuffles the deck and picks a card.

You then have to do the move that corresponds with that card. If it’s a red, you do it on your right side, and black on the left. If it’s a move up the pole, you’re aim is to smoothly transition into the move without getting off the pole. If it’s a spin, your aim is to keep moving until the next card is read out.

You can switch card pickers when you like 🙂

Share the love

Our Christmas games are all about sharing the love, so try to make sure that there is something for everyone – you could make games or chose moves knowing that everyone will get to do their favourite one.

Or you could all just sit there and share a box of chocolates afterwards – you’ll have definitely earnt it 😀

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