Welcome to Pole Expo!

So Pole Expo 2015 is finally here!

I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for this to come around (partly because I desperately need a holiday!) and now it’s finally here.

I want to make sure that I take it all in and experience all that Pole Expo has to offer.

A lot of people arrived yesterday, with many more pole people arriving today – those who are more local to Vegas than us in England!

The expo is based at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and a lot of polers are staying here for the next few days.

Ever since I landed in America I’ve been looking around, checking out people’s muscles and wondering if they are going to the expo. The thing is, that we arrived in LA three days ago, and arrived in Vegas two days ago, so it’s unlikely that many people have taken the same journey as us.

Nevertheless, I’m still checking people out 😀

And So It Begins

Yesterday there was a more unofficial pool party (with the official party today) for all of the polers here. I know those of us that are here are probably all doing the same thing – and you can see it: We are all looking to find other polers!

Some like me, turn to Instagram and Facebook to see where people are and where they want to meet up. Others are wearing pole branded clothes to help you out.

I was hanging around the pool yesterday and could spot so many polers. I know quite a few people well (or know them well enough to spot them) from doing workshops and masterclasses, but the others I’m not too sure where exactly I know them from – definitely in the pole world though.

There are so many people that I know I knew from somewhere, but when it’s out of context i.e. in a pool in Vegas, rather than seeing them in their pole gear at their studio, it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s who.

Luckily, social media helps once again and now I can put a face to the Instagram 😀

The Community

Being at the Pole Expo, my partner and I really feel like we are part of the pole community. I almost feel like I’ve invited all the polers I know to come and have a party with me, and most accepted the invitation.

I do have to remind myself that although I have been to workshops and follow people on their social media accounts they probably don’t follow me in as much detail… I sadly need to remind myself that we are not best friends – yet! 😀

We have spotted so many polers already hanging around the hotel. Our first spot was Dan Rosen, followed by Lisette Krol and Bendy Kate. (Is it wrong that I recognised them both by their backs?!)

We bumped into the brilliant Mille Robson who we last spoke to at the World Pole Sports Championships in London in July.

So all in all, it was pretty good for day one!

The Official Start

I like to think that today is the official start to the Pole Expo. It’s the day of registration and all of the polers are coming out of the woodwork.

The brilliant thing now (or by the end of today) is that everyone will be wearing a yellow wrist band, so you know exactly who the polers are (and don’t have instances where your other half asks non-polers about the expo to then get VERY strange looks!) 🙂

I’m super excited to see all of the pole stars who are here – even if I haven’t bumped into them yet.

Being from the UK it can be difficult to see non-UK based polers (not impossible of course, just tricky) so it’s amazing to have them all under one roof. Literally.

In a minute we are about to head down to the pool party where we are about to see all of the other polers. They are everywhere! Everyone is super nice and we all have our own pole stories. Walking around all you can see now is pole people, so non-polers keep asking about the fitness event that is going on!

Let’s Go!

After meeting Fawnia (who is so lovely) and getting our Pole Expo wrist bands and swag bags, we are ready to go!

If you’re here, let us know and come and say hello – just look for a 6’6 guy and a brown haired girl with a big height difference between them!

Let’s do this – Vegas Baby! 😀

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