Stop Making Excuses

I realised recently that I always make excuses for myself when I need them.

Sometimes they are genuine like going to hospital or having injuries, and then there are those that you feel you need to cling to, as you know they are not quite justified excuses.

I keep making excuses and I need to stop – there’s no point in saying ‘if I can’t deadlift today it’s because I’ve had a really busy day at work.’ Every poler out there has lived their day – whether tough or easy. Everyone can find an excuse if they want one, but excuses don’t make us stronger.

Why Make Excuses?

I feel like I need to make excuses if I don’t believe that I’m good enough. I’ll try a move and if I can’t do it, I’ll think to myself that I haven’t warmed up enough or I’ve been doing too much at the gym or another other one of a million excuses at the tip of my tongue.

I feel like I always need to make progress, and if I’m not, then I’m not good enough. I understand completely that progress on the pole takes time, and that most moves that I’m working on will not be nailed over one training session. The completely rational part of my mind understands that I know I need to take time to progress through moves and that there is no point in punishing myself.

The other insecure part of my mind will always wonder why I’m not better, stronger and able to get moves quickly.

Excuses Don’t Help

When I make excuses for myself it stops me taking responsibility for my actions. If I can justify why I’m not strong enough for moves, then there’s no need to change what I’m doing. This in turn doesn’t help. I need to keep training and believing that I can do the pole moves that I am trying.

Believing in yourself is always half the battle. If you don’t think you can do a move, your body will not let you do it. So stop making excuses and start believing. You’re not too worn out and you haven’t been doing x, y and z that you shouldn’t have been doing.

That said, don’t be hard on yourself. Train in a safe way, and only train moves that you are ready for. There’s not point trying to do a shoulder mount on your second lesson.

You don’t need excuses – you just need you, and you are awesome. You can do this! 😀

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