Over to the Sexy Side of Pole?

Over time my performance and teaching style has always leaned towards the fitness aspect of pole, rather than the sexy side.

This is mostly because I’m not good at the sexy side – I’ve tried and it didn’t go well!

I choreographed a routine, then put on my brand new pleasers to try out said routine… and I could not get up off the floor. Sad but true.

Having seen the Classique category perform at Pole Theatre recently, I think I may have swung over to the sexy side. I wish I could perform as those polers did, drawing the audience in and making them want more.

Can You Switch It Up?

I have secretly always loved the sexy side of pole. When I get stressed out or simply don’t know what to do one the pole, I turn the lights down low, wear my little pole pants and body wave away.

And you know what? It makes me feel great.

My students laugh at me as I always do this ‘bum up’ thing when I come out of a spin – which I guess is my sexy side trying to come out.

I’ve recently been trying to work on my ‘flow’ when it comes to choreographing routines. I love when moves flow from one to the next and to me this usually ends up with a sexy result!

I do think that I would fail miserably working on a sexy routine. My seductive hip wiggles would look like a gorilla humping the pole and my walking in heels is similar to that of Bambi on ice. Not a pretty picture.

But I am feeling inspired 🙂

I want to start working on the sexy side of pole – it’s certainly a skill set that I’m lacking. Part of it for me is my lack of flexibility (it’s okay, but not great) and the other part I guess is the confidence. I’m so used to working on power moves that my body is concerned when I try to loosen up.

What I love is the challenge of mixing power moves with being sexy. I’m so focused on ‘my body goes here’ that I’m not sure it’ll like it if I mix it up… but it’ll have to!

While the change in style will probably only be apparent to me in my pole room in the dark, I know it’ll happen.

I so admire polers who can make it look sexy – and there’s a whole load of you out there.

So there is my new challenge. Bringing sexy back (or just here for the first time!) I’m going to imagine myself in the Classique competition and see what my body can do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to dust off my Pleasers.

It’s comeback time 😀

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