Pole Splits

There seem to be so many cool pole splits going around at the moment. Whenever I get used to one, another one comes along, and I couldn’t be happier.

My normal split can usually touch the floor on both sides – although I turn out a bit on my left side. I find that this is very apparent on some pole splits while others hide it nicely.

I love that there are so many different ‘families’ of pole splits, so that you can find what works for you, and build up so many cool moves from one split.

Different Types of Pole Split Moves

Old School Pole Splits

Well first I have to talk about the Jade. I find that this split is the hardest for me to make flat as it is more of a true split. I really have to warm up into it to get it looking flat. I still want to go a bit further, but am happy for now.

We then start to add on and change moves, for example adding the Jallegra into the mix – I feel that this move looks incredible with an over split. It’s not bad without one, but as you can see from my pic, I seem to be very far away from a flat Jallegra!

Illusion Splits

Oh, how I love an illusion split like the Marchetti Split. They are so pretty. Usually they look like a proper split but often one knee points forwards, and the other out to the side. I like to think of bringing my knee to my ear, rather than knee to face to help with these illusions.

I also find that when splitting, often a crotch shot makes you look super bendy – so if you’re brave, give it a go! 😀

Using The Pole Instead Of Gravity

So we all know that gravity helps us in our splits – splits on the floor are so much easier than splits on your back, or at least for me! Well there are some cool split moves where you can push into the pole (usually with one foot) to help you get further into that split.

Think of using the pole instead of using the floor. I find that these tend to be the slightly trickier or not as neat ways of splitting, but the end result is pretty cool.

Handstand Splits

The cool thing about handstand splits is that you can use the pole to lean away from or stabilise yourself easily. I find that as I am grounded, I can take longer in these moves, and therefore push further into a split. They look super cool as well.

Side On Splits

One of my favourite pole splits is the Machine Gun. I love how it can look super splitty, when it might not actually be in real life.

There are so many similar side on split moves like the chopsticks too. I find that when I can pull a leg down, like in the Machine Gun, I’m more splitty, whereas my active splits are not as good, so pulling in and up for chopsticks are harder and less impressive for me.

Do you have a favourite type of pole split – or have you only realised that you do now 🙂 I love to give all pole splits a go, but I can definitely make some look better than others 😀

Video to follow 😀

Featured image by Millie Robson.

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