21 Pole Seat Moves – Which is Your Favourite?


There are so many amazing pole seat moves out there, so I want to share some of my favourites with you.

Some of these are relatively beginner pole dance moves, while others are more intermediate. For some of these pole dance moves you can go into them from a ‘basic seat’ where as others like a side seat or martini seat need to be tried from a different position on the pole.

Some of these seats look very similar but the grip points and add-ons would hopefully be different 🙂

Pole seats are often pinchy and a little painful but I promise the pain does go with practice, so here are some fun seats to get you started:

  1. Layout
  2. Plank – 1 & 2 handed
  3. Cross knee release
  4. Cross ankle release
  5. Pike
  6. Pole hug
  7. Side seat
  8. Martini seat
  9. Basic seat hands on
  10. Basic seat hands off
  11. Remi sit
  12. Peter pan
  13. Scissor seat
  14. Seated knot
  15. Hip hold
  16. Fireman-elbow
  17. Nymph seat
  18. Wrist seat(s)
  19. Twisted seat
  20. Ball
  21. Cup grip ball

What is your favourite pole seat?

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