Ten Pole Inverts to Master for Stronger Upside Down Tricks!


I want to share my favourite basic upside down pole moves with you all.

When I say “basic”, what I really mean is that these are the initial inverts I teach when people are going upside down on the pole for the first time. Of course there are tons of other moves I teach in between as well!

If you’re still working on getting upside down on the pole, check out my invert prep video.

Ten Basic Pole Dance Inverts

Listed as featured in the video above:

  1. Forward Crucifix
  2. Crucifix
  3. Ball
  4. Handstand Butterfly
  5. Flatline Scorpio
  6. Thigh Hold
  7. Mantis
  8. Butterfly
  9. Outside Leg Hang / Gemini
  10. Inside Leg Hang / Scorpio

Routine #1

Outside Leg Hang -> Inside Leg Hang -> Outside Leg Hang -> Ball -> Forward Crucifix -> Handstand Butterfly

Routine #2

Butterfly -> Flatline Scorpio -> Inside Leg Hang -> Outside Leg Hang

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