Top 10 Beginner Pole Dance Moves


If you’re looking for beginners pole dance moves, you’re in the right place! This video is a follow-up to my previous pole dance beginners moves video here: Pole Dance Moves for Beginners (Playlist)

Now, when I say beginner pole moves, I wouldn’t teach these all on your first ever pole dance lesson! However, I would definitely expect to learn most of these moves in the first few weeks and months of pole dancing.

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Here’s a list of the beginners pole dance moves shown in the video above:

Ten Beginners Pole Dance Moves

  1. Inside step
  2. Inside hook
  3. Extended fireman
  4. Closed cross leg fireman
  5. Skater hold
  6. Front hook
  7. Forwards crucifix
  8. Sunwheel spin
  9. Elbow pirouette
  10. Outside step to arch

I hope you like this video, and thank you for watching! Which of the moves beginners pole moves listed above is your favourite?

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