When I Was New to Pole Dance

During class a lot of students ask how long it took me to get certain moves.

Sometimes they ask as they don’t think they can make the move look graceful yet, and wonder if that’s normal. Some ask in a way that seems to suggest they think the move won’t be possible… ever.

Other times they just want to know how long before they can reach a certain level and try certain tricks.

So, when I say I’ve been poling for 6 years they say ‘oh okay, only six years until I can properly do this Chair Spin’. Of course it’s said in a jokey way – but they do wonder when they’ll be able to get moves looking as nice as they want.

We Were All Beginners Once

It’s really hard to look at someone who you think is amazing on the pole, to then remember that they were once new to pole dance and also working on the same beginner pole moves as you are now!

You somehow think they were born with the ability to fly! It’s nice to remember sometimes when you see this amazing performance to think that this poler was once probably struggling in all the same ways you now are.

This isn’t because I want people to struggle, it’s because it means that the struggle is normal, which perhaps means that I can one day get to where these amazing performers are too.

Looking Back

I see people struggle with certain moves in class and I can definitely relate.

I remember my first lessons and even weeks attempting a Chair Spin; I can only describe my efforts as passionately trotting around the pole. Not quite right!

My thighs used to be black from top to bottom while trying my Cross Knee Release, and it took me so long to get upside down that I had no clue what to do when I actually got there.

I’m a slow learner. I’m not naturally flexible, and I’m very easily frustrated… so perhaps not helping myself out there!

The beginner version of myself had no strength, no confidence and definitely no sexiness. But I definitely found something that I enjoyed 🙂

I did pole for me and no one else.

I loved to see all of the new moves that we would be learning. Every time I was shown something new, I couldn’t quite believe that I would get to try it – and perhaps even one day manage it.

I love going to workshops now to get that same feeling.

I do try and remember what was going through my head when I was first poling but I’m pretty sure all I was thinking was “don’t fall off.”

The ‘Beginner’ Struggle Continues

Of course I’ve moved on to new moves now, but will always still have the same struggles.

I know I don’t have the shoulder and back flexibility some moves require, and I don’t have the strength for other moves.

But at least now I’m more determined.

I think it feels like some moves are taking me ages (think years) but it’s probably only because I’m now able to practice so often that it feels like I’m doing every single move every day, when clearly I’m not.

I do think that no matter what level you are, there will always be some pole struggles. It will always take time and practice, but it will also be the thing that brings you so much joy.

There will always be moves that you struggle with or aren’t quite up to the standard that you like, and there will always be that move you can do that you never thought possible.

With some moves we are all still beginners.

I love pole and the pole community, as no matter where our pole journey has got us to, we can all relate to the same ups and downs.

So don’t worry about the moves that you can’t quite do yet, as there’s a poler out there who wishes they could do the moves that you can. So instead just remember all the great things that you can do. 🙂

All I can say is, that if you’re new to pole and you enjoy it, stick with it. It could be the thing that changes your life. If you’re already a poler for life, the struggles are normal, so enjoy the journey. 😀

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