2015 Tick List

At the end of every year I write a list of all of the things that I want to achieve by the end of the following year. These can be small things like ‘I want to visit my Nan’ or big things like ‘I want to own my own house’.

I find writing lists quite soothing and it really helps to sort your mind out. When I think of all the pole things that I want to achieve and therefore try, my mind goes a bit blank as soon as I’m standing in front of the pole. Moves that I’ve been working on constantly but a few month previous can often get forgotten. I have those ‘I kind of remember trying that move’ moments and always think I should write moves down and make sure I try them. The problem is that I never do!

Let’s Take Responsibility

So this is where we really take accountability of all the things we want to achieve and so we make our lists. Get specific! ‘Get better at pole’ isn’t going to cut it. What exactly do you want to get better at? Do you want to get a flatter Jade or a deadlift invert? Do you just want the pain of the pole sit to go away? It doesn’t matter how big or small your pole goal is, as long as it is specific.

You can include non pole things on your list of course. One of mine was to go on a hot holiday – and I achieved it! 😀

When you write your list it’s important not to obsess over it. There’s no point staring at a piece of paper saying ‘master deadlift’ if all you do is get frustrated and want to rip it up. While we want to be reminded of what to work on, we don’t want it rammed down our throats!

Last year I got to the point where I was doing as much as I could possibly do to get the results that I wanted. I was going to the gym, stretching, working on PoleFreaks, training, working hard at teaching as well as my other job and figuring out how to become fully self employed and then make pole my life. It gets exhausting if you are then trying to squeeze too much into your life.

I hid my list and kept coming across it every few weeks and was happy that I managed to achieve most of my list. The really interesting thing is that you forget what you wanted to achieve a year later! I just found my list from what I wanted for 2012 and I have managed to achieve every single one… Apart from ‘get flat in my splits’. I’m certainly closer but am resting my right leg due to an aggravated hamstring. So in the new year I’m back on it!

Be Proud Of Yourself

Not matter what happens with your list – who cares? It’s your list and it’s up to you how far you get with it. No one but you will care what goals you achieve. You also never know what the year is going to bring or throw at you so you may go off track and it could be a great thing!

What will the new year bring for you? 😀 When the times comes – Happy New Year!

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