Pole & New Year’s Resolutions

Okay so it’s time. We’ve all had a think about all of the things we achieved in 2015, so it’s now time to think ahead.

I tend to fail at keeping New Year’s Resolutions. I set unrealistic goals thinking that a new year will bring a new me, but I’m pretty happy with the current me. I just wanted to improve on a few small things…

It’s easy to think that you’ll drink less, eat less chocolate or exercise more, when you’ve just finished eating as many mince pies as you can see. I’m always more optimistic in what my healthy goals should be, when I am being very unhealthy at the time!

Away With The Resolutions

A few years ago I realised that this whole resolution thing wasn’t working for me – well past two weeks anyway! So I started to think about my goals instead.

For me, it’s much more healthy to think of my whole year goals, rather than just New Year’s Resolutions. As of three years ago, I started writing goals for the year. Now the point of this is to be realistic. There’s no point thinking ‘My aim is to be a millionaire’ or ‘I want to become the World Pole Champion this year’ if there’s no way you can achieve it.

That said, just because you’re being realistic, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim high. It’s important to keep yourself challenged and reaching for the next greatest thing.

I know when it comes to goal setting, the usual advice is to choose short, medium and long term goals but for the purpose of replacing resolutions, a long term goal will suffice. 

To set my goals I have a good and proper think about what I want to achieve, and what I think I can realistically achieve. When it comes to the end of the year, it’s not a problem if I haven’t achieved everything that I wanted to. I’m fully aware that life gets in the way sometimes.

I write down a few different types of goals – of course there are pole goals, some are based on work and some on my personal life.

My Goals

Okay… so here it goes. My goals for 2016 (or at least the ones I feel comfortable telling you all) are:

  1. Get my over-splits (My normal splits were a goal from last year, so it feels great to be able to add this to the list)
  2. Do a Pole Competition (last year I knew which one I wanted to do, this year I have no idea!)
  3. Work on the upcoming PoleFreaks projects (I’ve been working on them since March 2015, which is much more time than I actually need!)
  4. Keep up to date with emails and social media stuff (I just have so many to reply to…)
  5. Spend more time with my family (my partner and I work everyday – we need to work on this)
  6. Have more relaxing time (I don’t seem to have an off switch, but I would like to find it)

Now that I know what I want to achieve, I write this down on paper and hide it somewhere. Yes, hide it. I don’t like to have daily reminders of things that I’m not succeeding at or wishes, if you will, that I haven’t yet achieved. As these are genuine aims, I know what they are, so I don’t like to be reminded every second of the day. Worrying about things you haven’t done, is wasting time you could have used to do them!

So now I’ve had a think about all the things I want to achieve and have hidden my list, it’s time to get on with things. If you can do something today, there is no point putting it off until tomorrow.

I do have a separate list of pole goals, but the list is so huge and varied that I have it written on a white board, rather than a little list on a piece of paper.

No matter what happens this year, work hard, stay true to yourself and have a great time 😀

Happy New Year!

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