Land Safely!

I guess this article follows on from my previous ‘Just Don’t Let Go‘ post.

The point behind this is most definitely ‘don’t let go’ but also… look after your own body.

I was in class last year when a girl just let go of the pole.

Full on LET GO!!

Take Your Own Weight

Long story short… I was spotting one of my intermediate students in an Outside Leg Hang a while ago.

After attempting the move, she was trying to come out of it to the floor, but she wouldn’t move or slide her inside hand down the pole. As the rest of her body was sliding, all of her weight basically transferred to me. At this point for some reason, she decided to just let go.

There was no reason (or warning) that she was going to let go – she was coming out of the move in a controlled way and was not panicking. I think she (for want of a better term) was just ‘done’ holding on and wanted to let go.

Of course I’m there to spot, help and make sure that people are safe, but I’m not there to take all of your weight while you try each move – there would just be no point!

She was only a few inches off the ground when she let go, but perhaps thought it would just be easier if I catch her! She was in no danger of hurting herself – but perhaps could have hurt me.

Now, I’m not trying to be a wimp here…I’ll keep you safe and spot you and even enjoy doing it too. But can you imagine if she was a lot higher and decided to free fall into my arms?

That may not have ended well for either of us!

Fast-Forward to Teaching a Butterfly This Year…

I’m spotting away and it’s all going swimmingly until the lady I’m spotting starts to slide. Not a problem. I can control the slide and guide her safely back to the pole and then the floor… Only she doesn’t want to come back to the pole.

Imagine spotting someone in their Butterfly (which they are very strong in) who then starts to slide (enter a heavy spot from me) but then she decides not to put her leg back on the pole.

The natural safety mechanism for the body in this situation is to cling back onto the pole, so it takes a lot to hold yourself out there against what your body is telling you to do.

She ended up with all of her weight on me as she’s saying “I’m sliding” and I’m replying “put your leg back on the pole” over and over again.

Honestly, it could have been a comedy sketch!

Luckily for me, these things are few and far between, and at the end of the day, I am there to spot.

So I guess what I’m saying, is to assume that your spotter will be there for you, and to help you remain safe… but please do try to make it easier for your spotter and take some of your weight yourself 😉

How would you get down if your spotter wasn’t there? I’m guessing that you wouldn’t just let go – I hope! 😉

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