Social Media & The Reality of Pole Dance

I love, love, LOVE being able to see all of the cool pics and videos that everyone posts on various social media outlets. I’m constantly amazed, stunned and inspired.

I can talk all things pole to people all over the world, and it’s great. My circle of pole friends seems to get bigger everyday.

I usually shy away from putting myself out there (a strange thing for me to say, I know) but I’ve tried to put myself out there more and more. I used to hide my face (and still do if I can) but I like to inspire people.

I’m always wary incase people post negative comments about me (which they have done) but I let their badness wash over me and keep posting.

So what I’m here to say might shock you:

It’s All Lies 😉

Let me explain…

I see my pics on Facebook or Instagram and if I didn’t know it was me, I’d think ‘I want that life’ – as I’m sure you’d all do to your own accounts too.

It looks like all I do is pole and have nice countryside walks on sunny days with my beautiful dog. To a certain extent, that’s true.

So let me tell you some facts about what and how I post:

Dirty Feet

If I’m on a pole and you look closely, you’ll probably see my feet are a little dirty. Yep.

The room I use is mopped weekly (or so I’m told) but being an old wooden floor it tends to keep dirt in it’s creases. (That’s definitely not a sentence I ever thought I’d write!)

So my feet pick up the dirt. I alway carry make up wipes for my feet and a lint roller for my clothes (from hairs playing with the dog) and yet people still feel the need to comment on my dirty feet.

I’m doing my best people.

Clean feet means I’ve thought it through – dirty feet means who knows what’s going to happen?! 🙂

I’m Tired

Usually when I film, it’s after class. I teach a minimum of three classes back to back and try and have a heavy gym session on teaching days. So all in all I’m pretty tired when the camera comes out.

I try and film things that I’m teaching or going to be teaching in class so that my students can see it, or show moves I’ve been working on. I don’t film moves that I’m not happy with.

I might not be as flexible in it as I eventually want it to be but I try and make sure I’m not doing a sloppy invert.

My Hair Is Confused

I’ve come to the realisation that my hair does not know which way is up or which way is down, and I blame pole for this. I’m upside down so often that the hair never lies flat.

As of late my fringe has got a mind of it’s own and sticks out in all kinds of funky directions.

So yes, I do blame pole for my bad hair days.

When My Partner Gets Excited

I probably should have phrased this one differently…

My partner gets super excited about things and can only focus on that. So sometimes when he films he gets loads of different angles so he can edit it.

Other times he’ll be trying out an effect to see what works well.

Sometimes he’ll be taking a pic when I think he’s filming.

All in all, an excited, trigger happy partner, with a tired poler with sticky up hair, who can’t move off of the stage incase the feet get dirty again… makes for a great picture!

Hmm – I hope 🙂

The One You See Is Not The First Attempt

Even moves I can do over and over again take a few attempts to get right. I try to film and watch back when I think I’ve done a good take, to then realise that I pulled a funny face or didn’t properly point my toes. Then have to go back over and do it again.

Sometimes it gets so late that I think ‘It’s good enough, it’ll do’.

Quite often with those ones they stay on the camera for a few weeks until I find them and post again, or try the move again.

We all like to show off our best sides when it comes to putting ourselves out there. While I never pretend to be perfect as I know I’m not, I like to show good, safe technique when on the pole.

So please forgive my tiredness or accidental cleaning cloths in the background. 😀

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Dear Holly, I am your follower some months ago, and want to thank you all your videos and posts, they are really useful!!! Never mind dirty feet or messy hair, you are an amazing teacher! Love your tutorials and explaining, though english is not my native language, still I can understand everything. Kisses and big hug from Hungary!

  2. Dear Holly, Thank you for always ‘keeping it real’! I’ve only been pole dancing for 2 years. It’s very easy to get intimidated and discouraged by all the ‘perfection’ that is out there. You help me keep it all in perspective!! And BTW, your tutorials and flexibility workouts are the best! 🙂

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