Filming Pole Moves For Social Media


It usually takes me a really long time to film moves to then post across any social media channels.

I always go through what I’m going to film a few times on each side, and then start to film. I always film one or two attempts, watch it back and then go again.

I find that there are so many things I need to consider and things that can go awry when filming including:

  • Showing the wrong angle
  • Having the right angle for one move, but the wrong angle for the next
  • Slippery pole or hands
  • Ending up too low or too high
  • Forgetting what you’re doing
  • Feeling like you have no energy
  • Not holding moves for long enough
  • Facial expressions
  • Doggy likes to come and snuffle
  • You realise the combo needs something else
  • You need an ending for the combo
  • Part of it is stronger on one side, but weaker as the combo continues
  • Whether to do it on static or spin

Filming takes me a long time to get my moves right. I wanted to put this out there as I know there are so many cool moves, pics and vids that always go around and for me, anything I post always takes a lot longer than it looks.

Of course there are cool combos that you don’t need to think too much about, or you nail it the first time – those are the ones that make me very happy! 😀

Check out the final version of that combo here 😀

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