Make Me Accountable! Please!

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Make Me Accountable! Please!

Ahh! Okay, so I need help. I have a competition in two weeks and haven’t trained as much as I wanted to. I hurt my wrist about 5 weeks ago and only started to feel better this week. Any moves where I push with that hand have been off limits… so I haven’t been up to that much.

People who know I’m doing the competition keep asking how my training is going. It was going well for a while, then I went on holiday (where I poled and learnt loads of cool new moves) and then came back to get on with training – until I got injured.

Now that I can actually train properly, I’m super motivated to pole. But what happens if you don’t have a reason like a deadline for a competition to make you train? I know I can lose focus.

Make Me Accountable!

So this is the part where we need help. We need to find someone to help motivate us. They don’t need to be a pole person at all. It can be anyone in your life. It just needs to be someone who you don’t mind giving you a friendly nudge to help keep you going in the right direction.

Luckily, I’ve got lots of people to do this. I have people in class asking me to help them work on new moves – some I haven’t done for a while, and some I haven’t done at all, which certainly makes me train. I have people asking what I’m up to competition wise. I also have you. Yes – I need new things to write about and new moves to try in order to keep this going, so thank you!

Find Your Someone

Now you need to find your pole fairy. If they are not a pole person they just need to keep asking to see more pictures, and ask about training. ‘I’ve been to the gym today, did you go on the pole?’ or perhaps ‘I love that move I saw you do last week, have you been working on another.’ Depending on what your relationship with your pole helper is, it might just be a ‘Get up and get your ass on the pole!’ 😀

It’s perhaps easier and less ‘forced’ if it comes from a poler. They can show you moves they’ve been working on and you can talk about moves you want to try or are training for. The great thing here is that you can both motivate each other. You’ll have moves that you like, and moves that you struggle with, so we can all help with the motivation.

Of course, you may not need any kind of motivation, which is great. In which case, please share your secret! Go out and find your pole motivator and ask for help staying on track. Your pole will love you for it! 😀

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Holly started pole dancing after admiring the grace, skill and elegance of pole performances and immediately falling in love with the style. After half a decade of bruises, struggling and then the satisfaction of success, her own pole school Firefly Poles was born. The vision is to share that same passion with others.

Holly wished that there was more Pole Dancing help available when I was learning, so now she aims to provide that help through writing, blogging and teaching here on PoleFreaks.

Holly is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer and an ambassador for Dragonfly pole wear, and also writes regularly for the Dragonfly blog .

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