We Are All Pole Freaks!

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We Are All Pole Freaks!

For my first Blog at Pole Freaks I wanted to write about just that, POLE FREAKS.

As dedicated Pole Dancers we are all little Pole Freaks and at some point at our first Pole Dancing course it gripped us and now it will never let us go!

So I decided to take a look at Pole Freakish Behavior in greater detail – What makes Pole such an addictive and fantastic form of Dance and Fitness?

How over the years dedicated Pole Freaks have transformed Pole Dancing Forever?

Let me take you back to America 1920s a travelling show dancer at a circus decided to use the tent poles as a dance pole and Pole Dancing Was Born!!

Ok so Chinese Pole was a little earlier but it always took on the more acrobatic and gymnastic form within pole dancing and has been a huge influence in our current techniques.

Eventually as we all know Pole Dancing was used in Gentlemen’s and Strip Clubs. At some point someone decided to turn their knowledge on the pole into classes whoever this was Thank You!!

Take a look at Pantera Blacksmith she started her career unashamedly as an exotic dancer and through hard work and innovation of her pole ‘tricks’ she has built a hugely successful career and left the strip club behind years ago.

So what is the attraction for some Polers? The strip club or the acrobatic side of Pole Dance? For me its somewhere in the middle, you cant have one with out the other.

I have been Pole Dancing for 7 years now and it has changed dramatically within this time in all aspects, the Public eye – social acceptance has increased, classes – its less body rolls and giggles (although I still like that bit) but more knee hangs and Holly Drops! Competition – every year there are new combos, technique variation and new ‘Tricks’.

Some of ladies that have brought inspiration to the whole of the UK and internationally are Elena Gibson, for her elegance and the first Miss Pole Dance UK 2002, She is now a recognized pioneer for Pole.

Sarah Scott for her amazing strength and making it all look very easy also being this years Miss Pole Dance UK.

Probably more publicly recognized for their appearance on Got To Dance Justine McLucas and Bendy Kate. Both Fantastic dancers that have got many competitions under their belt.

Justine McLucas has a fantastic Contemporary and Ballet edge to her technique and trick execution.

Bendy Kate is super bendy! And achieves such difficult tricks with ease, her technique and style brings a circus feel to her performances.

Jess Leanne Norris the UK’s youngest Pole Dancing instructor to date, she is self taught and had her own pole dancing school from the age of 16!!!

I would love to write about many more ladies… and Men… UK and International…. Nico Modestien, Suzie Q, Felix Cain, Jenyne Butterfly, Karen Chaundy…..

What all these tremendous men and women have in common is there passion and dedication to Pole Dancing/Fitness, they inspire a new generation and keep us all on our toes with new tricks and techniques.

I think the most inspiring thing we can take from them all is the fact that they are all different.

Looking to my classes and I can honestly say that every woman there have their own signature move that they have mastered to perfection, it may be a climb technique, a spin or a hold and it has been achieved through Bruises, Sweat and Gritted Teeth but its theirs!

So we are all Pole Freaks!!

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About Lisa Hickey

I have been Pole Dancing for fitness and recreation for seven years, and it is my passion, I love it! A good training session or class and I am on a high…. still…. will it ever change?

I started Pole Dancing at the age of 22, to lose my baby weight, I worked full time and this was a fantastic release from being a mum and employee, for me it felt like I was Lisa again and I have never looked back!

Pole Dancing was the first form of dance I had ever done; up to the age of 17 I was trained in martial arts, which I found helped me pick up the technique side of pole dancing.

After my second child I decided to become a qualified instructor and I set up my Pole school, Totally Pole Dancing in 2010.

I am always looking forward for new challenges and to see where pole will take me, I have recently started training in aerial hoop and look to become qualified in the new year.

As one of your Pole Freaks blog writers I want to bring you a range of different topics, to highlight what is going on in the pole world, what is current and discussions you find yourself having at your local pole schools.

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