The Magic At Midnight

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The Magic At Midnight

The Magic At Midnight calendar is shot all under ultra violet light, the costumes were made by Wink Designs and I made all the sets for each dancers background.

It was pretty much shot all in 5 days in July 2012 when the pole sport comp was on in Bethnal Green and there was loads of international dancers over. I wanted to catch them while they were here but it meant having the most busy week of my life! But it’s all good cos it got done and we got some wicked pictures.

The calendar features 12 amazing pole dancers from across the world…

Anastasia Skukhtorova
Jess Leanne Norris
Bendy Kate
Sarah Scott
Nico Modestine
Justine McLucas
Hanka Venselaar
Karen Chaundy
Rafaela Montanaro
Masayo Okamoto
Kazuya Naka
Michelle Shimmy

All profit after print and production costs goes to Women & Children First UK. This charity helps to save the lives of mothers and babies in some of the poorest communities in the world.

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