Pole Dancing Safety Do’s

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Pole Dancing Safety Do’s

“MOVE FAST and WEAR HEELS YOU CAN RUN IN” is a recent quote I just ran into… Hence in our case, wear heels you can hang from a pole in…


As in everything in life if you commandeer to the motto “I WILL SURVIVE” safety should always be first in your agenda, which is why a few Do’s should be kept in mind when Pole Dancing.

Do Think Study Investigate & Delve Into All You Need To Know

As we all know by now, Pole Dancing isn’t only about doing sexy moves in high heels. Just so you know, Pole Dancing is a serious business and has been long been practiced in different cultures around the world for centuries. If you are starting out, watch, learn and don’t be afraid to ask. Before joining a class read up on pole dancing, watch tutorials, join discussion boards and follow popular and reputable Polers on FB and Twitter. A support group with common interest is always a good way to start out and will encourage and help you out in your Pole journey.

Do Build Yourself A Solid Foundation

Speaking from experience if you are starting out, you definitely can’t wait to get on that pole and achieve that move… right? However, one must keep in mind that a skyscraper cannot become one without a good solid foundation. Three solid words before you start your practice: CONDITION, STRETCH and RESIST.

Do Relax & Remember To Breathe

You may have a lot on your mind when starting your Pole journey, such as “What kind of style do you want to dance to? What sort of music? Am I putting that foot in the right place? Should that move have been so difficult? What should I wear? Just relax! You’ll be fine, figure it all out in time. Relaxation will keep you from making mountains out of mole hills, and allow you to listen to and learn from your body so much more than tensing up too much.” says one Poler.

When concentrating on a specific trick, a lot of Polers forget to breathe. One instructor says, “Don’t hold your breath when doing moves. I find myself constantly having to tell my students to breathe. They always laugh after I say it because they realize it’s true.

Do Know Thyself & Crash Gently

It is a known fact that 9x out of 10 attempts, before any Poler can perfect a move, the Poler will have some difficulty and might crash. Know your grip strength, experience and ability. Don’t jump onto a move just because it looks cool. There are certain moves to perfect before moving onto the more difficult ones. One Poler says, “I would never, ever attempt a move unless I know how to get out of it quickly and/or how to get into my “resting move”…usually this is a leg hang, sometimes it’s bat, but knowing how to get out of a move is the one thing I’m always sure about before I get up there and attempt it.

When learning difficult moves especially inverted ones, aside from having a spotter with you, it is very important to install a crash mat on the bottom of your pole. As mentioned earlier, Pole Dancing is a serious sport and many accidents have left Polers critically injured, paralysed or even dead. If you are poling at home and don’t have a crash mat yet, place giant pillows, couch cushions or bean bags on the bottom of your pole to lessen the impact of your fall.

Do Have A Friend Spot You

Especially when you are ready to move onto doing inverted moves it is essential to have a friend spot, guide and steer your body onto the right direction. He/she should also be strong enough to guide you onto your next move or fall if necessary.” One instructor says, “I always have an escape plan. I need to know how to get out in a hurry and safely. That is definitely something I stress to my students. I also test my grip regularly as I’m getting into the trick. I’m not going to just blindly trust it. I also learned most if my tricks without a crash mat. I feel confident in my ability to recognize when a trick is not going to work out. I believe spotters are far more useful.

I think that’s all I can think of right now… Oh and lastly, DO HAVE FUN!

Do you guys have any Do’s to add onto my list? DO LET ME KNOW by commenting below…

Happy Poling!

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