15 Fun Ways to Get Upside Down on The Pole

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If you’ve made it here, you probably know how to get upside down on the pole – or at least appreciate the techniques that will help get you there if you work at it enough 🙂

If not, you can find some invert prep exercises to help you get upside down here: Invert Prep for Pole Dancers

I’ve recently realised just how many fun and different ways there are to get upside down on the pole, and wanted to share some with you!

Of course there are plenty of other ways to invert and plenty of different exits too, but here are some that I enjoy, to get you started.

Fun Pole Dance Invert Techniques

  1. Cupid to Inside Leg Hang
  2. Side Climb Lower
  3. Cupid to Butterfly
  4. Superman to Invert
  5. Shoulder Mount
  6. Apprentice to Butterfly
  7. Cross Knee Release to Ayesha
  8. Floor Hook to Outside Leg Hang
  9. Handstand Pop to Caterpillar
  10. Handstand to Climb Over
  11. Hip Hold / Seat Drop to Brass Monkey
  12. Hip Hold to Thigh Hold
  13. Seat to Shoulder Mount Split
  14. Flag Split to Leg Hook
  15. Straddle to Inside Leg Hang

I hope you like this video, and thank you for watching. Which of the above is your favourite way to get upside down on the pole?

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Holly started pole dancing after admiring the grace, skill and elegance of pole performances and immediately falling in love with the style. After half a decade of bruises, struggling and then the satisfaction of success, her own pole school Firefly Poles was born. The vision is to share that same passion with others.

Holly wished that there was more Pole Dancing help available when I was learning, so now she aims to provide that help through writing, blogging and teaching here on PoleFreaks.

Holly is also a Level 4 advanced personal trainer and an ambassador for Dragonfly pole wear, and also writes regularly for the Dragonfly blog .

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