Side V

Stand with your strong side closest to the pole as if going into a basic invert. As you invert, hook your strong leg over the pole at the knee. Keep your weak arm low on the pole as you bring your body up.  Place your strong arm high on the pole just above your strong knee. Keep your weak leg straight as you straighten out your strong leg so that your legs are in a V shape. Bring your body slightly away from the pole and hold this pose.

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Hi hope you can help me. I’m new to inverts but have got the crusafix locked down.
    I’m trying to do a left or right leg Gemini but I just can’t get it. It hurts like hell with my strong leg as i cant seem to stop it pushing the calf muscle….and the other side I’m just plain unco. Do u have any suggestions for it not to hurt my calf like that?
    many thanks

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