Shoulder Mount

How to Shoulder Mount on The Pole

Stand with your back against the pole with your spine to one side. Place your inside arm (arm closest to the pole) in a cup grip above your inside shoulder, about ear height. Place your outside arm in a cup grip above your inside arm just above head height. Pull the pole – imagine you want to throw the pole across the room. Your elbows will start to come towards each other as you pull. You want to keep the contact between your shoulder and the pole. Look up. When first learning place your inside foot in front of you and your outside behind the pole – on the outside of the pole. Lift your outside (back) leg up and towards the ceiling and the pole, followed by your inside. Place your outside leg over the front of the pole and the inside leg behind, as in a basic invert grip. Squeeze with your legs and move your collarbone away from the pole as you roll through to face the pole.

As you get stronger try to dead lift your shoulder mount by keeping both feet apart in front of the pole, and leading your lift with your hips.

Cup Grip: Your fingers and thumbs should be on the same side of the pole with your thumb closest to the ground.

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