Pole Handstands


As it’s handstand February, what better way to join in a celebrate by showing you some of my favourite pole handstands?!

I’m not too sure what they are all called, but I’ve written a list below of what I call them. Please let me know if you know the name of the pole handstands that I don’t 😀 I hope you enjoy this video.

What is your favourite pole handstand?

1. Birds nest handstand

2. Birds nest handstand – grip variation

3. Handstand arch

4. Birds nest handstand variation

5. Bow and arrow handstand

6. Butt to pole (!) handstand

7. Butterfly handstand

8. Crucifix to handstand

9. Crescent moon handstand

10. Standing handstand

11. Standing handstand

12. Flatline scorpio handstand

13. Standing straddle handstand

14. Russian layback handstand

15. Scorpio bridge handstand

16. Chiropractor handstand and variation

17. Leaning split handstand

18. ?

19. Jade handstand

20. Deadlift handstand

21. Snip ‘n’ snap

22. ?

23. ?

If you want to work on your free standing handstands, why not check out our handstand fundamentals programme.

Thank you for watching 😀

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