Pole Pull Up Progressions


I love pole pull ups. There are so many cool variations, and they help get you strong for so many amazing pole moves.

Here’s how I’ve been building up my pull ups on the pole – perfect for any level. They get progressively harder, and you can work on different pull up variations at the same time.

Below is our list of pole pull up exercises in order to help you get those pull ups stronger.

  • Pull ups – from flat feet
  • Pull ups – from tip toes
  • Full pull ups – from floor
  • Climb, hold and lower
  • Climb and hold
  • Hold – bent legs off pole
  • Hold – straight legs off pole
  • Seat, hold, mini lower
  • Seated lowers – bent legs
  • Seated lowers – straight legs
  • Seated pull ups – bent legs
  • Seated pull ups – straight legs
  • Pull up spin – on static
  • Arms only climb

Spin pole:

  • Pencil hold spin
  • Pull up
  • Pull ups – multiple
  • Spinning arms only climb
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