Gemini (Outside Leg Hang) Pole Move

How to Get Your Gemini Pole Dance Move

Go into a straddle (v invert). Hook your outside leg on the pole with the back of the knee. Really squeeze behind the knee.

Bring your inside leg away from the pole and bend it – think of trying to get this foot towards your head.

Make sure you don’t take this knee out to the side – keep it inline with your hips.

This is our two handed version!

To then try the one handed version, hold onto your inside ankle with your inside arm. Make sure that you keep the grip behind your inside armpit.

To then try your no handed version make sure you keep the grip behind your inside knee, inside of your stomach and inside of your armpit.

Then take your outside arm off the pole and hold it out, parallel to your inside arm.

Take it nice and slow, and please do make sure you have enough grip before taking your hands off the pole!

Once you’ve mastered this move, there are so many pole moves from an outside leg hang for you to try!

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