Air Walk

Air Walk Tutorial by Pole Dance Community

Air Walk Pole Dance Tutorial

Bracket grip variation:

Facing the pole, place your strong hand high on the pole. Climb the pole to a pole stand. Slide your strong hand high up on the pole.

Take your body away from the pole, gripping from your knees to your feet. Place your weaker hand low on the pole, around hip height.

When you have a good grip, take your legs off the pole. Turn your body to the side – which ever is most comfortable. Move your legs as if walking.

Keep your toes pointed and ‘walking’ exaggerated.

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Im pretty comfortable with the grip andi feel I’m strong enough to hold me weight away from the pole, BUT my body always wants to go around the pole, how do u stay in one place? Oooh so frustrating. THANX in advance

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