10 Pole Moves from a Superman


If you’ve ever been in the middle of choreographing a pole routine/combo, and wondered what to do next after nailing your Superman, this will hopefully help!

Today I wanted to add another video to my series of “pole moves from a…” videos.

In this video I’ll be showing you ten of my favourite ways to exit a Superman during a pole combo or routine!

The transitions numbered in the video are:

  1. Superman to the floor
  2. Superman to splits
  3. Superman to an invert
  4. Superman to titanic (then invert)
  5. Superman to flatline
  6. Superman to inside leg hang
  7. Superman to princess grip shoulder mount
  8. Superman to flatline scorpio
  9. Superman to shoulder mount
  10. Superman to shoulder dismount

If you’re still working on your superman, check out the Superman Pole Dance Tutorial playlist.

Let me know how you get on with these pole dance moves from a Superman.

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