When Polers Pole

Over the last few years I’ve come to realise that there are certain things that happen to a lot of polers – almost rites of passage.

This isn’t the old ‘you will get bruises’ or ‘your skin will become rough’ but just things that have happened to me, and to a lot of others too.

No matter what you do, it’s likely that some of these will happen to you – and hopefully in a good way. So here’s my list of 8 things that happen ‘When Polers Pole’

1. You Will Love It And Hate It At The Same Time

Yes! You get that move that you’ve been trying to nail for weeks and it feels amazing! Smiley faces, high fives and celebrations all round. And then you move onto a move that you know you can do easy peasy, and for some reason you can’t nail it! Whether you haven’t stretched beforehand, haven’t trained it recently enough, have slippery hands or are just too worn out, it doesn’t come. Grr. Let’s get over the frustrations and remember how awesome we are, and the amazing things we can do.

I’ve had so many love it or hate it moments and recently they have been happening over the course of 5 minutes… on the same move. At least ‘love it’ wins out in the end!

2. It Will Come Up In All Kinds Of Converstations

As soon as people know you pole, you will find that it’s brought up in so many conversations! I used to work in a bar and new members of staff would know I poled before I had even met them.

My partner manages to bring up poling in most conversations with clients and finds that many of them have tried it, want to try it or know someone who has and loves it.

The great thing is that the more it comes up, the more secret polers you find 🙂

3. You Will Have One Friend That Disagrees

For some reason or another you will have one person in your life (and hopefully not more than one person!) who finds poling distasteful, even though they have never seen what you do. You may get the old ‘You make it look good but there’s something about it that’s just wrong to me’ as I have. Until people have tried it, they have no right to judge. Who cares what other people think?

I just smile to myself thinking about how far I’ve come, and how proud I am of everything I have achieved. No one can take that away from me 🙂

4. You Will Get Sent Everything Slightly Pole Related… Over And Over

You know the friend who likes cats and gets sent pics of cute kittens and videos of cats being adorable? Well that’s you, but with pole. You will get friends who pole who like to send you cool new moves, and friends who don’t pole who tag you in anything pole related that they can find. At least you’re expanding your knowledge!

5. You Will Obsess Over It

Without even realising it you will start obsessing about pole. This could just be thinking about what moves you’ve been going over, seeing every piece of scaffolding and wanting to play, or zoning out and planning your world winning pole routine including moves that you’re not even sure are physically possible. I do this. A lot.

6. Your Significant Other Will Get The Nod Of Approval

If you’re in a relationship your partner will get a lot of ‘you’re a lucky man / woman’ and if you’re not, your friends will probably tell any interest party about your poling skills. Little do they know how unsexy it really is!

7. Your Grip Has Goldilock Phases

Sometimes it’ll be too slippy, others too grippy and there are those rare times when it is just right… and when it is, practice every move that you can think of… twice!

8. You Will Wear Hardly Any Clothes In A Room Full Of People…

…and you won’t even care! When we first start poling we can be a little self conscious but it soon gets to the point where we want as much grip as possible. Cue the tiny shorts and crop tops. Who needs trousers and t-shirts in the winter, I want grip!

I hope you enjoyed this little list. How many of these have you experienced and what would you add to my list?

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