Tomorrow Won’t Do!

Tomorrow Won't Do

A lot of things get put off until tomorrow. If you can’t do it today, you’ll do it tomorrow. But why not now?

We all have such good intentions about getting fitter, working out, getting better on the pole etc but through all of my good intentions I wonder how many workouts I’ve miss out on.

Take Today…

I’m working until 6pm and my intention is to go to the gym afterwards. I’m a bit achy from the 3 workouts that I did yesterday and I’m a little tired from the bad headache and therefore lack of sleep I had two days ago.

If I go to the gym I’ll run for a long time and do some sit-ups, squats and lunges. I know can’t use the pole studio as it’s booked out. I’ve got Thurs – Sun off this week and I know I can go to the gym on all of those days. If I go tomorrow night I can use to pole studio too. Should I have tonight off?

If I want to find an excuse not to do something I’ll find one. To be fair I usually go to the gym and pole studio at least 5 times a week and I cycle everyday so a day off is probably good for me! (Maybe!)

Most days I want to go to the gym but it’s on those odd occasions that I always struggle with the decision as to whether to go to the gym or not. As it is completely your choice as to whether you put your workouts off or not, make sure you think it all through so that you don’t regret giving yourself time off.

Plan Your Days Off

It is up to you how hard you pole and how often you workout. I used to bring my gym kit in to work everyday so that I had the choice of going to the gym. Now I decide in advance which day I’m going to have off so that I look forward to a day off instead of feeling bad about it.

Why Don’t You Want Your Workout?

If I have the time to go to the pole studio I always go. It’s when the pole studio is booked out that I have the issue. I always go to the gym and studio if I have a day off. My reason for not going to the gym tends to be that by the time I finish work, go to the gym, workout out, get changed, cycle home, go to the shops, buy dinner, come home, cook dinner, eat dinner and shower… it’s pretty late and it’s time for bed.

I find that I have the most motivation when I know I would be going home to an empty house. My boyfriend tends to go for a run when I’m going to the gym so that we roughly finish at the same time and can spend our evening together. It’s great for me and great for him. Bad when neither of us want to go though…

What To Do Instead?

If you are not wanting to work out have a think about what you’re going to do with your time instead. Are you going to go home and watch t.v, go and see some friends or just have a nice early night? Whatever you do make sure it’s worth taking the time off.

It’s Okay To Miss A Workout!

If you decide not to workout never punish yourself. I always think that if you don’t want to go part of it must be your body telling you that you need a rest. (That is my reasoning at least!) It will also make you a lot more proud of yourself when you do go!

My Example

Take our Body Blitz for example. When I started setting these up I wondered if I would actually do them everyday. I decided to write a diary for a month (not yet published) to see how I get on and to prove that I do these workouts too! So far I’m really enjoying it. On the odd occasion I’ve had to miss a day and catch up the next day or sometimes do it a day early. Either way I’m still doing them all.

I’ve found that they are so short that I can fit them around my days tasks. Some people might think that they are so short it might not be worth bothering. But of course it is! Let’s say that each workout is about 10 minutes long. Over the course of a year that is over 60 hours! 60 hours of working out is definitely worth it. And the best part is that you don’t even realise it’s that long by doing just 10 minutes a day!

Back To The Pole…

If you started working on some new pole moves today you’ll get them quicker than if you started learning tomorrow. Obviously. Imagine how advanced you’ll be in a years time.

Just a thought for you 🙂

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