7 Phases Of Seeing A New Move

As our advanced pole classes are getting harder and harder, I find that I keep seeing the same expression.

It usually comes out when I’m teaching a new move, generally upside down. I’ll show it a few times, talk it through, and then show it again. I get off the pole and do the usual ‘okay so let’s give this one a go’ when I realise that everyone is stood staring at me.

It’s that mouth open look of horror and fear, as if I’ve told them they need to hug a spider. (Okay so that might just be a fear of mine!)

It’s a look I’ve come to know and love, and even do myself. I’ve come to realise that most new, difficult moves have several stages that you have to go through – and most of them come with a face!

Our Seven Phases

1. ‘I Can Do That’ Phase

This usually happens super quick – like in the first few seconds of the move. You’re thinking ‘yeah I can put my hands like that and I can do the step after that’.

But this is very quickly followed by the…

2. ‘Hell No, I Can’t Do That’ Phase

Yeah, you know that feeling when you see a move and think ‘I can do that’ but then you realise that was just the start and not the actual move you are trying? That’s this phase.

I like to think that we get so confident thinking we can do the first part, that we relax and forget about concentrating on the next part – and that’s when we panic!

3. ‘Let’s Break It Down’ Phase

So you’ve accepted that you’re going to try this move out, and watch every little part of this move to figure it out. You might talk it through out loud or stand there off the pole, but with your limbs in the right position.

You’ve almost convinced yourself that you can do this, and then realise that you can only remember 3 instructions at a time (like me)… but we’re already up to point 15!

4. ‘Let’s Give This A Go’ Phase

Okay so you know what the move entails, and roughly how you’re meant to do it – so it’s go time. You’re running it through in your head or maybe on the floor, and then we step up to the pole and just stand there.

This phase doesn’t last long as we quickly enter the…

5. ‘I Have No Idea What I’m Doing’ Phase

Yeah, this happens. A Lot.

You can go over and over the move in your head, but as soon as you get up to the pole, you go blank and have no idea what you’re trying to do. Sometimes you’ll end up climbing when you’re meant to be trying a spin!

You’ll know when you’re in this phase as you end up standing there, staring at other people in the class to figure out what on Earth you’re meant to be doing.

6. ‘I’m Getting There’ Phase

This one shows promise! It’s when you’re trying out the move and you’re still not 100% sure of what you’re doing but you are going through it slowly to figure out what’s what.

7. ‘I Think I’ve Got It’ Phase

This is the nice one! You’ve figured out where all your limbs are meant to be, and how you can stick to the pole. The move might not be perfect yet, but now you know what you’re doing, you can practice this over and over again.

Any More?

You might be able to think of more phases than me! They all happen very quickly, some over just a few seconds, but to run through them all takes about 5 mins in total. There’s a lot mentally happening in not a lot of time! No wonder it takes us a while to get used to moves 😉

Let me know if you go through any other phases 😀

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