Take Every Picture You Can!

I’m sure that you’ve read over and over again that taking pictures is a really great way to see your progress and check out your moves.

I let my students know that they can get others to take pictures of them while they are on the pole if they want to.

This isn’t forced or overly encouraged in any way but I like them to know this is an option. Now when I say they take pictures I mean that the student on the pole goes about their pole business and if any good moves come out of it, a picture is taken.

The pole practice comes first and any pictures that happen are a happy by product.

With pole beginners they are often less thrilled about the idea of getting pictures or videos of themselves taken on the pole. They worry about looking silly or not being graceful.

I completely understand that!

I remember back in the day when spins did not come naturally at all for me and I had to be covered black and blue with bruises in order to get even a little closer to my goal. I figured the bruises meant that I was trying!

As soon as people are able to invert, opinions often change and every given photo opportunity is taken. Every move must be covered from every angle!

I’m The Same!

Every time I master a move I rush to put the video camera on to capture a move that I never thought was possible.

It’s proof!

I often watch back almost in disbelief that I managed to do that move.

It’s also great to see exactly how your body is moving – how gracefully you are getting in and out of each move, how easily or hard the moves come and how to improve the final product.

I’ve Heard This Before

As I’ve said, you’ve heard this before… and yes, I’ve said it many times and I believe it. Take as many pictures as you can – they are great.

If nothing else, they will be a great reward for you to see at the end of a long and tiring pole workout. If you want to show them to friends you can, but really they are just for you – something to be proud of.

Take Awful Pictures

In an age where ‘selfie’ is now an acceptable word to use, we are so conscious of taking beautiful pictures of ourselves.

But what about the crappy ones?

If you take a pole pic and you don’t like it, are you going to delete is straight away or keep it as a reminder of your pole journey?

I’m a hoarder and tend to keep everything and the same can be said for videos and pictures. I love to be able to look back and see the moves on the day that I first felt that I had mastered them – It’s great to see how far I’ve come and improved even since then.

I only take pictures and videos at home or private practice. This is always an after thought rather than a challenge. If I master a move that I am proud of, or need to see how a combination looks, I will happily take a quick video.

Sometimes while on the pole I’ll shout for my partner to come in a take a picture – he often takes about 10 without me realising while I’m still upside down in pain, trying to grip with a big old smile on my face waiting for the flash!

My Progress Proof

The other day I managed to master the Jade. I’ve really been working on my flexibility and my Jade has improved considerably to the point that I would be happy (and proud) to show if off in public.

My Jade (pic attached) is one that I have struggled with for a very long time. I have struggled with grip, pain and flexibility issues. Last time I tried this, my legs were basically both pointing to the ceiling and that sadly is not a Jade.

I have tried to describe to people how far I’ve come with this but often see blank faces or nods of approval while not really understanding the full value of what I’m saying. My Jade is so much closer than it has ever been!! I almost want to shout it from the roof tops. This is going to sound really silly, but I wish I had taken a picture the first time I tried a Jade.

Knowing me, I’m hoping that there is a picture lurking somewhere that I will magically stumble across one day. I wish I had proof of how far I’ve come with it. Even knowing this gives me motivation that one day my Jade will be flat. I’m just glad I have this picture now to look back on when my legs are flat 🙂

So.. what are you waiting for?

Go out there, take as many pictures as you can. The crappier the better 🙂

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