Pole Progress Pictures

I love progress pics. I think they’re really helpful to track your progress and to help keep you motivated.

The problem I have, is that I’m really good at taking the before pictures… but not so great at the after. I guess I lose motivation through my project (whether it’s splits, or a particular move) and then haven’t improved enough for an after picture.

Of course I’m working out and improving in other areas, but the initial one I wanted to focus on has not improved enough… or at least that what I tell myself.

So, I’m about to take a series of before pictures and wanted to share my plan with you.

Before Pictures

There are certain before pictures that I don’t like to take – those when you’re hanging around in your undies. I feel really exposed and don’t like the way I look in them, but I guess that’s the point.

I’m happy enough to take pole pics to see progress, or flexibility pics. Even though it’s not pleasant sometimes (and others times it don’t me at all) we do need these before pics.

Try to make sure that you don’t hate the photos that you take. The reason I say this is that I cringe whenever I see mine – looking unhappy and knowing I could be in better shape.

So I’ve now tried to take before pictures that I like – wear something that you’re confident in and don’t mind others seeing.

I know the whole point is to want to change yourself from the before picture, but let’s face it – we’re already awesome, so we just want to improve how awesome we are, rather than hating what we see.

Now don’t try and cheat your before pictures to make your after pictures look more impressive. For example, if you’re taking a flexibility pic, make sure you stretch first and actually push yourself and give a real representation of where you are in that stretch.

There’s no point taking a pic when you’re cold, not warmed up and therefore can’t go into your stretch as well.

This always reminds me of a video I was shown a while ago of Furious Pete showing how to fake before and after pics in 5 hours. It’s not pole related but it’s really interesting!

Now that you have taken your pictures, put the date on them and then hide them. I like to keep them on a folder on my computer. I found that it made me glum to scroll past them on my phone, nervous that someone would find my pictures and judge me.

Now that I don’t stare at them every day, I’m much more likely to carry on with my challenge – I still have my motivation.

After Pictures

I think the reason I usually fail at taking after pictures is that I don’t set myself a timeline – so in theory I could take all of my after pics for everything I’ve ever done, today.

So my new rule is to set a deadline. It depends what your challenge is as to how long you give yourself. Flexibility takes a long time and so daily pics won’t help. (Daily pics never help in fitness!)

Be careful not to take your pics too close together as if you don’t notice a difference, you might feel unmotivated to carry on.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take pictures on the first of every month. It will become routine for me to take progress pics. I know some areas will have improved within a month, and others won’t – and I’m happy with that. If I keep a collection of progress pics, I can really track my journey.

I’m excited to finally have a way of seeing my progress and actually believing I can keep on top of it.

What are you waiting for?

Go and take those pics! 😀

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