It’s A Small Pole World

The pole world is small! Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of us out there (and probably more than that too!) but in the grand scheme of things, we are a small community. In some respects this can be a great thing, and in others not so great.

You know the old stereotype of what people think when they hear ‘pole dancer’? Well, this is an example of how being a small community can be bad – as people still don’t understand what we are about. It can also be a good thing though, as we can start to change and mould our community to how we like it.

Get The Most Out Of Your Community

Meet Your Inspiration

So I think I’ve pretty much spoken in person (or via email) to every poler that I love, and those I haven’t seen yet, I will, when I go to the Pole Expo in Vegas 😀 I find more polers that I want to meet, get in touch with or want to pole with, every day so I’m always adding to my list. I know so many of the vendors at each pole event that I go to, that I feel like I’m going back to see my friends. All of these meetings just start by going up to someone and saying ‘hi.’ 

In the pole community we have our stars – the people we look up to, admire and I’m sure want to be, when we see them nailing their Deadlift over and over again. The great thing is that these are real people, and everyone is super nice. If you are inspired by them or have learnt something from them, there are so many ways to get in touch. Even a short comment on a post on social media can get a comment back.

You can see them at workshops and masterclasses if you can get along to one as well. You may need to travel a little but hopefully you can go to one of these – the more the better in my opinion!

Contact Others

This kind of goes hand in hand with the above, but applies to us mere mortals as well. If there’s someone you are inspired by, or you see their move that you like – tell them! It’s always nice to here. If you are stuck on a move you can ask people you’ve seen do it, how they do it – and usually they will help you.

In Person

Our community gets even smaller when you think about the polers near you. Try to get the most out of the people around you that you can. Be kind and supportive. Talk to people in class and help them on the pole – and they will help you too. You’ll enjoy your class more if you have friends around you.

As the community is small, word spreads. If you have negative opinions, keep them to yourself (or at least only say them in a safe environment.) I was doing a workshop at a different studio and was privy to a conversation about a superstar poler and their behaviour, that will not get them invited back. I’m not one to pass on information, but I do always think about that when I see this particular poler (one of my favs in fact!)

Be A Good Person

So hopefully we can all do this! As I’ve mentioned above, word gets around, so behave how you want others to see you. If you comment negatively or aggressively in a group you may get banned. If you give bad customer service, word will spread. No one wants to be cast out of a community. I’ve come across very few people who act in this way luckily 😀

Let’s finish on a fun topic…


This one is a good one and a bad one. Shopping. Well, the pole community is small which means that the pole products out there are usually good quality. They can be a bit pricey at times, but for the most part are worth it. However, the people that you buy them from, know that they have a captive audience.

This unfortunately means that some companies can be lax with shipping, high with prices and awful with customer services.

To me, customer service is the most important part. I want to know that I trust the person that I’m buying from and need to know that I can contact them if things go wrong. If I find something I like, I go back and buy more so I want to buy from people I can trust.

I think we are sometimes desperate for that one item that we can only get from that one place, and almost forget that we are the customer. We should get what we have paid for, in the time that was stated. So if you are being mistreated, stand up for yourself and get what you deserve.

For that reason, I have companies that I will work with and buy from, and others that I won’t.

Luckily pole products and sellers are growing in number. Find a vendor that you love and avoid the ones you don’t. If you’re not sure – ask around before you buy.

Let’s go out there and meet all of the polers that inspire us and buy all the goodies that we want, from people we can trust.

Make as many pole friends as you can and share the pole love 😀

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